Influence of Levitra on Conception

Inhibitors of PDE-5 are needed for men experiencing difficulties related to inability to perform sexual intercourse due to weakness and short-lasting erection. Levitra, which increases level of potency, activates work of organs of reproductive system and increases chances of conception.

Safety of Medicine for Impotence

The drug, which is actively used to treat erectile dysfunction, does not cause side effects that can trigger decline in fertility. Regular use of orange pills with Vardenafil can not cause deterioration of morphological qualities of spermatozoa, decrease in their number and activity.

Laboratory studies by My Canadian Pharmacy have shown that pharmaceutical agent to increase level of libido does not provoke development of degenerative changes in the field of male reproductive organs. Patients who systematically take tonic aids do not notice harmful toxic or mutagenic effects.

The substance with vasodilating action does not contain components that affect secretory activity of testes or other organs. Thus, it can be concluded that pharmaceutical preparation does not have detrimental effect on state of hormonal system and can not be the reason for decrease in plasma concentration of testosterone. Systematic use of Vardenafil compounds has no effect on pituitary and hypothalamus cells that produce prolactin, which controls production of male sex hormones.levitra for erectile dysfunction

Positive Effect of Levitra on Sexual Abilities

Use of sexual stimulant in dosage recommended by attending physician will allow a man to achieve the following positive results:

  • increased stability and duration of erection;
  • prevention of uncontrolled ejaculation;
  • restoration of adequate and spontaneous erection;
  • increased power of sexual attraction to women;
  • treatment of infertility caused by inability to perform sexual intercourse or lack of ejaculation;
  • elimination of psychological discomfort and fear of intimacy;
  • getting rid of obsessive-compulsive waiting syndrome that occurs after a series of sexual failures.

Mechanism of Action of the Drug

Pharmacological means for stabilization of erectile function has a localized effect on vessels of inguinal region. Vardenafil promotes increased secretion of mediator of erection (NO), which changes tone of smooth muscle cells. At relaxation of trabecular muscles, cavernous body of penis, consisting of cavernous tissue, is filled with blood.

Blood penetrates into cavities of penis along arterioles, which are connected to cavernous artery. In response to minimal sexual stimulation and tonic effect of Vardenafil, there is an increase in lumen of cavernous arteries and volume of caverns. Increased inflow of plasma to cavernous tissue leads to increase in size of penis.

The described process of tumescence is accompanied by compression of venous plexus. Violation of outflow of blood through venous plexus, entails appearance of firm and stable erection. Experiencing confident erection, a man performs sexual intercourse, which can result in conception.

Instructions for Use

In order not to provoke side effects, My Canadian Pharmacy recommends to patients wishing to increase their level of sexual abilities and fertility to adhere to the following rules for use of medication:

  • take pills orally, that is, by mouth;
  • at one-time use, take a pill about 40 – 60 minutes before sexual intercourse;
  • do not take medicinal products with alcohol or grapefruit juice;
  • do not bite or break pills before taking;
  • take a day not more than 20 mg of Vardenafil;
  • reduce dosage of active substance to 5 – 10 mg in detection of renal and hepatic lesions of small degree of severity.


A man who takes Levitra can suffer from undesirable consequences if he has the following diseases:

  • hypersensitivity to components of sexual stimulant;
  • severe cardiovascular damage, including unstable cardiac angina and hypertension, ischemic disease;
  • increased QT interval on the background of genetic predisposition;
  • functional disorders that increase risk of priapism, for example, multiple myeloma, sickle-cell anemia or leukemia;
  • Peyronie’s disease, curvature of penis or cavernous fibrosis.