Medications for Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Appearance of impotence in a man leads him into shock, causes depressed state and bad mood. Erectile dysfunction is a medical term that every man is so afraid of, because it literally puts an end to his personal, intimate, sexual life. It is shameful to speak about this illness even to doctor, though it is absolutely necessary. In this article, My Canadian Pharmacy will talk about which medications can effectively treat impotence in men.

What you Need to Take

Drugs aimed at treating and increasing potency, stimulate erection by affecting smooth muscles.

Due to powerful effect, they cause relaxation of cavernous tissue and awaken erectile function in man. This increases space of cavernous bodies of male penis, blood flow in the organ increases, which entails a characteristic pressure in penis. Which drugs affect this way:

  • Viagra;
  • Cialis;
  • Levitra.

These preparations will be discussed further.viagra cialis levitra


Viagra is an effective remedy for treatment of impotence. Just one pill, taken one hour before sexual intercourse, significantly increases blood circulation in penis and causes its erection. However, one can not help saying that Viagra has side effects due to its synthetic composition. They include headaches, mental disorders, vision and GI disorders. It is forbidden to use Viagra together with other medicines, as well as alcohol. Since Viagra is a potent remedy, to treat impotence it should be taken only after consultation with a doctor, because patient may have a more serious cause of dysfunction.


Drugs against impotence include such an effective tool as Cialis. Action of Cialis is similar to action of Viagra, but effect of its reception lasts much longer. This remedy is taken fifteen minutes before onset of sexual intercourse. Restoration of natural erection can last up to 36 hours, erection occurs independently at sexual excitement. We can say that taking Cialis significantly simplifies life and treatment of impotence. Contraindications to taking the drug are diseases of cardiovascular system.


Synthetic drugs against impotence include Levitra. Effectiveness of Levitra for treatment of impotence is higher by 20% of effectiveness of Viagra. Levitra is taken ten to fifteen minutes before sexual intercourse, because it starts to act faster.

Effectiveness of Levitra has the opposite side: the drug is forbidden to take with heart diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, it should not be combined with other drugs and alcohol.

Side effects of Levitra are headache, redness of skin, itching, vision disorders. Take as prescribed by doctor.

Local Application

According to My Canadian Pharmacy, treatment of impotence usually is carried out by taking medications orally. In some cases, patients undergo surgical intervention, treatment of erectile dysfunction through psychology is no less common. Also, quite often impotence is treated with drugs that are injected directly into male penis.

Many men for stimulation of erection inject drugs into penis, which increase blood circulation and pressure in the organ, and thereby cause erection. Such drugs are papaverine hydrochloride, phentolamine, alprostadine. The latter can be found under the trade name Caverject. These medications cause expansion of blood vessels, stimulating erectile function. These medicines can cause side effects: persistent erection, as well as scarring.

Other Means

There are also other drugs that are used to treat impotence. Such preparations are made of natural components, their treatment consists in increasing erectile function. The most effective means is Yarsagumba. Composition of this drug includes highland mushroom of Tibet. This substance is active, its action is quite unique. The fungus includes 35% of amino acids and other important substances that are indispensable for male body. The drug not only increases potency, but also improves activity of nervous system, has rejuvenating effect on the body as a whole.

First of all, Yarsagubma eliminates not consequences of impotence, but reasons that caused this unpleasant for a man and his woman pathology. The drug has health and tonic effect, and also affects production of male sex hormones, brain centers, which are responsible for excitement of sexual nature. Although Yarsagumba is very effective, and most importantly, a natural remedy, it is still necessary to consult a doctor before using it, because impotence can be caused by a more serious pathological process, treatment of which can not be delayed. If we talk about diseases that can cause erectile dysfunction, then most often it is diabetes, as well as other disorders of endocrine system, and, of course, diseases of genitourinary system.