Myths about Male Potency

Potency – ability to perform sexual intercourse – is very important for most men. Meanwhile, there are a lot of myths about this, which often turn out to be nothing close to reality.

Myth 1. The Larger the Size of Genital Organs of a Man, the Higher his Sexual Activity

In fact, sexual activity does not depend on the size of these organs, but on sexual constitution, which, in turn, is associated with hormonal sphere. Therefore, sexual abilities can not be judged by appearance.

Myth 2. After 40 Years Potency Decreases

MISCONCEPTIONS about Male PotencyIn fact, quality of potency depends not on age, but on health, as well as on socio-psychological factors. There are both 20-year-old boys who do not have erection, and 70-year-old grandfathers, who do not have any problems with sexual intercourse. If a man has strong sexual constitution, that is, a high level of hormonal activity, then he can not only live sexually, but also conceive children till very old age.

By the way, Canadian Pharmacy Online researchers have found that the higher the social status of a man (and, as a rule, men achieve the greatest success in career by the age of 40), the more confident they are in themselves and more attentive to their health, and accordingly, the more active their intimate life.

Myth 3. Frequent Change of Partners Stimulates Sexual Activity

In fact, intimate relationship with a new woman is a real stress for the body and psyche of a man. He is haunted by the fear of failure, he is not yet used to her physiologically, does not know specifics of his partner, not sure if she will like him. All this does not have a very favorable effect on his capabilities. As a rule, harmony in sexual relations only occurs with time. Therefore, a man has much more chances to show himself as sexual giant with a constant partner, not with a temporary partner.

Myth 4. Erectile Dysfunction can be Treated with Injections of Male Hormone Testosterone

In fact, in the first place, My Canadian Pharmacy studies show that deficiency of male hormones does not always affect erectile function. Secondly, no hormonal drugs can be used without consulting a doctor, otherwise you risk not only your sex life, but also your health!

Myth 5. Erectile Dysfunction is Forever

In fact, even if you are already 60, you can, by applying to achievements of medicine, extend period of sexual activity.

Often, impotence is psychological: for example, a man experiences erectile dysfunction in certain conditions, with a certain partner, etc. Visit to psychotherapist or doctor will help to identify the cause of the problem and find ways to solve it. Usually, if situation becomes psychologically comfortable for a man, everything changes for better. If erectile dysfunction is of organic nature, then andrologist will help to find proper medications to cure it.

As you can see, not all myths are worth believing, and in most cases it is possible to improve quality of intimate relationships with the help of proven means.