What is Erectile Dysfunction and Why Does it Occur in Men?

Erectile dysfunction is a new, more sparing name for impotence. This definition implies a violation, when hardness, volume and «uprightness» are insufficient to allow a man full sexual intercourse. Violation of erection is not directly associated with change in ejaculation. According to My Canadian Pharmacy, causes of erectile dysfunction are diverse, and in absence of timely treatment, pathological process becomes irreversible.

What Types are There?

Types of erectile dysfunction, like causes, are different, although the disease is the same. Timely visit to a doctor and proper diagnosis can identify the main factors in the disease and prescribe correct treatment strictly individually.erectile dysfunctionCortical ED

Perhaps the most difficult kind of erectile dysfunction. The reason – psychological frustration, generating uncertainty in own abilities, fear of sexual intercourse itself. This problem often occurs in men:

  • of quite a mature age, who still never had cases of intimacy.
  • taking psychotropic drugs.
  • abusing tobacco, alcohol.

The same condition can occur in men who have experienced unsuccessful sexual intercourse (psychogenic erectile dysfunction), especially if the partner behaved indelicate. A big mistake is to use alcohol to relieve psychological discomfort. It not only does not eliminate the problem, but is also detrimental to nervous and genitourinary systems.

What kind of doctor should you contact in this case? Psychologist, neurologist and sexologist. Only complex treatment will help to identify the cause of ED and eliminate it and its consequences.

Spinal ED

Violation of sexual potency, which is rare. More often such kind of erectile dysfunction arises on the background of backbone trauma.

ED, Caused by Diseases of Genital Organs

This dysfunction is the most common and occurs due to the following reasons:

  • endocrine diseases – timely diagnosis or prevention of internal non-communicable diseases can help to avoid occurrence of erectile dysfunction;
  • prostatitis, BPH;
  • injuries of penis.

Such violations require doctor’s help. Canadian Pharmacy reminds, that treatment of such erectile dysfunction with the help of folk remedies is ineffective.

Vasculogenic ED

Characterized by violation of blood flow in penis. Damaged vessels can not cope with their task, blood filling of penis is poor. Most often this type of erectile dysfunction is observed in men with diabetes.

Neurogenic ED

It develops as a result of damage of nerve endings of brain and spinal cord. Diagnosis of this type of erectile dysfunction is complex, consists of several stages.

Hormonal ED

It develops in case of imbalance of androgens, which directly affect sexual desire. Diagnosis includes laboratory studies, which allow to reveal the true picture of hormonal background in men.

Iatrogenic ED

Disturbances develop on the background of taking some medications or in case of unsuccessful surgical intervention.

Myths and Facts

Such unpleasant state for many men causes many fears and myths. Unfortunately, most representatives of the stronger sex, instead of going to doctor, hide the problem and begin to independently look for ways to eliminate erectile dysfunction.


Myth: you need to learn to live with it.

Fact: there is no reason to put up with such a state. There are many ways to be sexually active at any age. Prevention of various diseases and healthy lifestyle is the key to success.

Putting Up with the Situation

Myth: «I’m accepting sexual impotence.»

Fact: potency for any man is like a part of his soul. Erectile dysfunction is capable of causing irreparable harm to psyche and entailing various organic disorders.

There is No Danger

Myth: erectile dysfunction is unpleasant, but not dangerous.

Fact: it is a symptom of many serious pathological conditions in the body (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hormonal imbalance, Parkinson’s disease, etc.).

Unattractiveness of the Partner

Myth: a partner is unattractive for a man.

Fact: it is quite possible that this cause contributes to lack of sexual desire. But most often erectile dysfunction is a consequence of serious pathologies, a kind of a sign, indicating need for total diagnosis and prevention of diseases.

Bad Habits

Myth: alcohol and cigarettes intensify sexual desire.

Fact: a small amount of quality alcohol really relieves tension between partners. But its systemic use affects brain, and it is there that the desire «arises». Smokers have a 40% higher risk of erectile dysfunction than non-smokers.

Lifetime Use of Medicines

Myth: if erectile dysfunction is detected, a man will have to take pills for the rest of his life.ImportantFact: everything depends on the cause, in some cases only one-time course therapy is required.


Myth: «I can cure ED myself, without help of doctors.»

Fact: at self-treatment there are high risks to aggravate the situation and completely make violation of potency irreversible. This is especially true for popular dietary supplements and stimulant supplements that do not affect cause of erectile dysfunction in any way.

The best variant of development of events is prevention, started at young age, as well as early diagnosis of diseases of genitourinary system, healthy lifestyle, psychological comfort, etc.

Features and Differences

ED can appear at any age, but most often doctors observe it in men older than 40 years. According to manifestations, there distinguish between psychogenic, organic and mixed erectile dysfunction. All of them have their own unique features, which allows to correctly diagnose the disease.


Stress, overfatigue, bad relationship with partner. In the mornings erection is present, sexual intercourse does not cause any difficulties.


Symptoms of pathology gradually increase, this is directly related to development of diseases that negatively affect sexual functions, or with use of certain drugs. Nocturnal erection is absent, loss of hardness of penis can occur suddenly, ejaculation and attraction persist.


Reasons for development of this type of erectile dysfunction are very extensive, so often diagnosis is difficult.

My Canadian Pharmacy statistics show that in 20% of cases, cause of ED is psychological, the rest is due to serious internal pathologies, in treatment of which participation of doctor is mandatory.

Complaints of men basically consist of the following moments: weak blood filling of penis and weak excitement, which does not allow quality sexual intercourse. Sometimes there is a strong excitement, but it disappears immediately, as a man tries to realize what he has planned.

Difficulty in eliminating symptoms and causes of erectile dysfunction is that most men ignore doctors, preferring to be treated with all available, and sometimes ridiculous, methods. At the same time, violations in the body that led to weak potency are exacerbated, and already at the time when a man is forced to visit andrologist, he needs thorough and long treatment.